SP Herb Thai Black Cargo Rice

Specific characteristics of SP Herb Thai Black Cargo Rice

SP Herb Thai Black Cargo Rice is black colour. Thai Black Cargo Rice comes with good taste and its unique fragrance. Only its husk has been removed to retain its nutrients, vitamins and mineral.


Benefits of SP Herb Thai Black Cargo Rice

Thai Black Cargo Rice contains vitamin B1, B2, B complex, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium and niacin. Vitamin B helps prevent from numbness and helps nervous system work properly. Vitamin B2 helps prevent from canker sore, and provides good digestion.

Vitamin B Complex helps relieve and prevents from the muscle weakness, prevents from skin disease and makes good appetite. Calcium maintains bone and teeth, prevents from anemia and numbness. Fiber helps in digestion, prevents from intestine cancer, absorbs fat and decreases the number of cholesterol. Niacin helps nervous system and skin system works properly.

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