New Shipment of SP Herb Thai Black Cargo Rice 2017








Lastest Crop of Thai Black Cargo Rice 2017.

SP Herb have purchased lastest crop of Thai Black Cargo Rice year 2017, the shipment will arrive in our warehouse on 8th November 2017.

We received an advice from supplier that our Thai Black Rice are lastest crop, the best preparation are:

A) Put of Cup of SP Herb Black Rice in the Rice cooker OR a pot.
B) Rinse with water only once, then add one and the half cups of water and turn on the rice cooker OR cooked on the stove
C) When the Black Rice is cook do not lift the cover immediately
D) Simmer for 10 – 15 Minutes before open the cover
E) The Rice will be ready to serve

This picture is a sample of cooked Black Rice they are very soft and fragrance. But it’s delicious.

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