Massaman Beef Curry


Massaman Beef Curry
Course: Curry, Dinner, Main Course
Beef Meat 400 grams
Coconut cream 1 can
Sugar 2 tbsp
3 potatoes, 2 onions
1 Cinnamon stick
Tamarind Extract 1 tbsp
Mae Supen Massaman Curry Paste
  1. Bring the coconut cream and curry paste, cinnamon, set on low heat. Stir until the spices begin to crackle (about 5 minutes).

  2. Add beef and stir for another while. Add water to just cover the meat.

  3. Add all remaining ingredients except onion and cashew. Boil with low heat for another 40 minutes until soft.

  4. Add onion and cashew. Braised and stewed during the next 30 minutes, can add some more water if the level is down. When finished, place in the bowl and serve with Thai Black Cargo Rice.