Riceberry mixed Jasmine Rice with sealable bag


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SP Herb would like to launch our new healthy product!!  Riceberry mixed jasmine Rice in 1 KG vacuum-sealable bag.

Riceberry is Thai rice, high antioxidant rice a cross-bred of Hom Mali (Jasmine 105) rice and Hom Nil (Black Fragrant)rice, developed by Kasetsart University, Thailand, high in antioxidants, including beta carotene, Gamma – Orion Oryzanol, vitamin E, tannins, zinc, folate, and low in glycemic index. In addition, the rice bran and bran oil also have good antioxidant properties. A study shows that the darker the grain, the higher the antioxidant. When compared with various fruit drink or green tea, this rice bran has almost 100 times more antioxidant.


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